SEO Tips And Tricks To Pave Your Website To The Top


The way to the top is never easy, be it in the sense of an idiom or literally. You have to struggle to get to the top and then be smart enough to stay there.

The world of e-commerce is much the same story of competition as the real marketplace. Competition is more intense in the virtual world owing to selective visibility and information overload.

People have to fight for space. Visibility refers to the ability to appear on top of the search results when a user or prospective customers searches for a relevant product or service. Once your website or relevant page is displayed in the first page, chances are you will have more visitors.

There are simple basics and few SEO tips and tricks that everyone should implement to derive benefits and results for oneself.

Do A Lot Of Research

First and foremost, a lot of research and ground work would be needed. This means you should be able to invest in terms of time, money and resources. Make sure you are doing the SEO activity with whole zeal and zest. Be patient and pay attention to details.

Know Your Requirements And Expectations

The next step is when recruiting an SEO company. As a person aiming to get SEO done, do your groundwork well, ask a lot of questions and get all your doubts cleared, and be sure of what your requirements and expectations are. Apparently, communicate to your SEO service provider what you want and expect at the end of the exercise.

Analyze Your Website For Keywords


Next step would be to work closely with your SEO companies and analyze your website.

Your website is your core product around which you need to work and deliver the results. Sit down with the concerned team and analyze the website for keywords and relevant content.

Keywords are the core of SEO activity, and all your SEO tips and tricks are always centered on the keyword only. Keywords are your way to connection to the users and customers.

Update Your Web Content

Once you recognize your keywords, the next trick would be to update your website content.

Website content should be compelling, engaging with well-placed keywords.

You might put in keywords and tag them, but if website content is not sufficient for the user, SEO work will fail. So, make sure your website is re-looked at with content and aesthetics.

Add Mega Tags And Unique Title For Your Website Pages

To perform specialist tasks you are advised to enlist the services of a professional like SEO company Las Vegas

Another simple trick would be to have META tags and unique title for each page of your website. Make sure your internal and external links are well placed and are working fine. Integrate social media with your SEO undertaking and activity.

These simple SEO tips and tricks, when well implemented, can help you pave your way to success in the versatile and every changing web world.

Can Content Marketing Really Help A Digital Recruitment Agency?

Content marketing that is effective has proven to be one of the most powerful tools, in the attraction of new customers and candidates for digital media recruiters.

Clients can be engaged for longer times online by provision of industry related content that is relevant, which often leads them to subscribe to email lists or better still inquire about recruitment services offered.

The following are content marketing benefits for digital media recruiters

· Website traffic is generated


Connecting candidates and clients to the content that is related to their industry is important .If your company provides content that is easily accessible and digestible then it will be their first of choice as a recruitment agency.

· Increasing the presence of the brand


New stake holders can be attracted by spreading awareness of the brand. Target clients and recruits should be empowered with content from your company that involves their area of specialization.

· Marketing by the use of social media using viral methods


Coming up with viral content in the social media is important. You can use Facebook, tweeter and LinkedIn by linking it to updated news about the target industry; recruits and clients will be redirected to your website.

· Attract candidates that are potential


The use of newsletters can be put into action, and this is by ensuring that the target candidates and clients receive newsletters from your company. Candidates will have a positive attitude towards your company and news will spread on all social media platforms.

Free SEO Tools

Everyone likes something for free right? I know I do! Below is a list of 10 of the best free SEO Tools and internet marketing software money can’t buy. Yep that’s right, time to put your wallets and purses away for a change and take a look at the tools that can help build your online business free of charge.

SERPFOX  – Keyword Tracker                                                                                                                                                                                                   



Serpfox is a brilliant keyword tracking tool that I use every day. It saves me a load of time and allows me to provide pretty accurate and quick SERPs analysis for both myself and clients. The free version allows you to track up to 10 keywords and if you are really struggling for cash and need to track more, maybe set up separate accounts?!

For those of you that are new to SEO and are trying out new things it’s always a great idea to use a keyword tracker. It will help to keep you motivated and also to find out what works and what doesn’t. I think many new SEO’ers get disheartened when they are unable to find their site on the first few pages of google with a manual search, a keyword tracker goes way beyond that and will let you know when your site moves from 138 to 74.

This is progress that shouldn’t be looked down upon and hopefully give you the motivation to carry on with what you are doing.

HootSuiteSocial Media Management



This really is a great tool for managing your social media accounts. It allows you to send and schedule tweets, post updates on facebook, broadcast news on Linkedin and publish targeting messaging on google+. If you want to build any type of brand, social media is likely to play a major part in that development.

With so many things to do, managing several social media accounts manually can have a negative effect on your work output and leave you bogged down. Hootsuite is a free solution to this problem that can save you time in building your social media following.

Google Alerts Keeping Up To Date/Monitoring Your Brand



If you aren’t using an alert tool I would highly recommend you start doing so. I’ve used google alerts as my recommendation, which I’m unlikely to receive a thanks for from the mighty G!!, but to be honest there are other options available that offer limited free services, which we will get to.

Setting up these alert tools allows you to follow industry news, which not only keeps you up to date with developments in your niche, but also provides you with great ideas for future blog posts. Alert tools are also a fantastic way to monitor your brand, by being alerted and directed to conversations that mention you and your site.

When someone mentions you, it’s always a good idea to get involved in that conversation whether it be on a forum or in the comments section of a blog. It’s never a bad idea to have more than 1 tool doing a similar job, if they are providing you with added information. I’d therefore also recommend you check out Mention and Talkwater.

SEO Site Check UpSite Maintenance

seo check up


As our sites grow its likely we will develop more and more red flags as we post more content, change themes, add more plugins and generally tinker around. It’s always a good idea to perform regular checks and get free recommendations on how you can improve various aspects of your site. SEO site check up is a great free piece of software that will do exactly that.

Spinner ChiefArticle Spinning

spinner software


You may have read that spinning articles is a waste of time and that  it has no place in internet marketing/backlink building, blah blah blah! If done correctly article spinning is a great way to produce a ton of content for your SEO campaigns both quickly and cost effectively.

If you have a little money to invest I would highly recommend spending some of that cash on the best spinner, but as this post is all about free products, you can easily make do with spinner chief for all your article spinning needs.

WP Robot Tiered Link Building



WP Robot is an autoblogging solution that can be used in your tiered link building campaigns. It allows you to build your feeder sites on autopilot, posting fresh content including Youtube videos and images based around the keywords you set.

Producing endless amounts of content can be a painstaking task and if you decide to outsource it can be very costly, especially if you are just starting out and new to SEO.

SEO by YoastOn Page Optimization

yoast seo


I use this plugin on all my niche sites, where optimizing for specific keywords is of high importance. It’s very simple to use and will provide you with great analysis of keyword density, provide you with a snippet preview and help you optimize your meta descriptions and image titles.

Spending a little time on your on page SEO, can save you a whole lot of time and money on your link building campaigns.

WayBack MachineWebsite Analysis



It’s often very handy to be able to see the history of your competitor’s sites. I use Wayback machine all the time to get an idea of how sites have developed and what changes they have made.

This free internet marketing analysis tool is also great for research when you are in the process of buying a website.

LinkstantSEO/Link Building



Linkstant will provide you with an alert when a website links to you. I read forum posts all the time from anxious newbies concerned about the lack of links they have built not showing up in backlink checker tools like majestic or ahrefs.

Not only will utilizing this free SEO tool keep you motivated, but it will also enable you to contact site owners that link to you naturally and alert you when your content is running hot on social media sites.

Social CrawlyticsSocial Analysis



Ever wondered which pages of your competitors sites get socially shared the most? Would take a long time to go through hundreds and possibly thousands of pages manually keeping a record wouldn’t it?!

With Social Crawlytics you can get a custom report of exactly that. Internet marketing and producing content for your sites or blog is almost never about reinventing the wheel, it’s about taking existing ideas and making them better or putting your own unique spin on things.  Having an idea of what gets shared the most in your niche, can provide you with endless content ideas, your audience will love!

There are literally hundreds of free SEO tools & internet marketing software that can be utilized for a number of different tasks. Selecting the right tools that suit you and your projects will allow you to become more productive in a lot of cases and help turn your sites into $$$$$$!

Have I missed any? Sure I have, will leave the comment section open for you guys to add to this list.